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Stephanie is an author and Literary Agent for the Cyle Young Literary Elite (C.Y.L.E.) She has a passion for writing and discovering raw stories that capture the heart and sharpen the mind. Stephanie serves on the publishing board for Illuminate YA Fiction (an imprint of LPC Books) and is a big believer in the power of hard work, chocolate, and audiobooks.


Skillfully crafted stories that speak to the heart and answer soul's deepest questions.


Support for Working Creatives

I’m on a mission to help working creatives support their businesses with balanced lifestyle tips, mindful thinking, and healthy self-care choices. My passion is to combine the Word of God and sustainable living to increase productivity, quality of life, and ultimately build a support system for the heavy expectations of your creative career. Join the community:

Developmental Writing for Non-Profit Ministries

I work with non-profits to help their ministries create compelling and heart-felt communications to a sensitive donor-facing audience. I specialize in website writing, print materials, appeals, e-communications, and start-up development consulting. To inquire, please click the image on the right and tell me about your ministry.


As a writer, 

You try to listen to what others aren't saying...

And write about the silence. 

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