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Media Bio: 

Stephanie is a professional writer and former journalist who has a heart for sharing raw stories and encouraging authors to write for Jesus. Although she grew up reading books, writing them became her accidental passion. In addition to representing books through C.Y.L.E. Literary, she works on the publishing board for Illuminate YA (an imprint of LPC Books), and spends her quiet moments immersed in poetry, or blogging about her adventures with God. Stephanie is a believer in hard work, audiobooks, chocolate, and dreaming big. 


Let's-Be-Friends bio:

Hi, I'm Stephanie! There's a lot about me that can't fit into a professional bio, so if you want to know more, this is the thing to read. I started writing professionally when I was sixteen, so writing has always been an important and well-loved part of my life. I'm passionate about helping teens and young writers find their voice, too, and I believe that everyone can chase their dreams no matter how old they are.

I've lived in a couple different places in my life (most recently, the Washington D.C. suburbs) and can be pretty daring about exploring new areas by myself. I'm a sucker for open countryside, a pretty view, wildflowers, and walking everywhere barefoot. I can be a really introverted person, but I'm always excited about traveling meeting new people, and exploring different cultures. 

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and mold sickness when I was 15, and have only recently begun to experience what it's like to be a healthy person (it's awesome). Living with chronic illness is an experience I'll never forget, and one that continues to shape my life every day. I'm passionate about encouraging others who are sick and helping them live out their ambition, despite physical setbacks. 

Let's be friends!