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I specialize in all Children’s, Middle Grade, and Young Adult books, but especially the following:

  • fantasy and fairytale retellings

  • character-driven sci-fi and dystopian

  • adventure

  • historical fiction

  • historical fantasy

  • soft romance

  • coming-of-age

  • contemporary

  • humor

  • Entertaining and educational books for young readers

  • rhyming picture books

Books should be fairly clean and appropriate for the age of the audience (no sex, or cussing in MG, minimal in YA). I’m a sucker for the timeless “feel good” book, but I also love stories that aren’t afraid to tackle uncomfortable, honest, or real life issues. Don’t sugar-coat. Please make me cry. Send diverse characters and cultures. I like books that teach, nurture, and educate while entertaining with a great story.

Special projects:

  • I’m currently seeking YA/MG titles that deal with underrepresented chronic illnesses. All sub-genres welcome, but particularly interested in a fantasy/historical twist.


  • All Christian genres and devotionals

  • self-help

  • biographies

  • mental health

  • books that inspire dreaming, goal-setting, and productivity

  • children’s

  • Memoirs only about relavent topics and from high platform authors

Please do not send:

  • Erotica

  • Demonic possession

  • Horror/paranormal

For In-Person Pitches:

  • Bring sample chapters and a one sheet

  • Have platform numbers available

  • Please be courteous and do not pitch to me after smoking, or while wearing heavy perfume

Online Submissions:

  • Please follow the instructions in the C.Y.L.E. videos

  • Send your submission to Include the code phrase in your subject line.


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